Vulnerabilities in Mac hard drive – Retrieve Corrupted Data

recover-data-from-hard-driveFrom years, Mac users feel safe in the knowledge that their platform safe from malware. Mac OS, Apple claims that it is unhackable or invulnerable. Although security researchers proved that they can remotely infect Mac hard drive with firmware worm. Firmware runs at time you boot your system to launch Vulnerabilities in Mac hard drive. Two white-hat hackers said that there are several vulnerabilities PC makers can also bypass Apple’s security to danger on Mac firmware. The two created a proof-of-concept of the worm called Thunderstrike 2 that allows firmware attacks to be spread automatically from Mac to Mac. Thunderstrike 2 is superb one for its efficiency. Mac infected with Thunderstrike 2 remains if user wipe out hard drive and reinstall OS which doesn’t repair a firmware infection.

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imagesHackers infect hard drive via phishing email and junk sites. Even, Vulnerabilities in Mac hard drive takes place without connecting through network. Moreover, hackers access target computers remotely along with air gapped ones. Thunderstrike 2 is created to distribute by attacking on ROM option of peripheral devices. Thunderstrike 2 is hidden because it doesn’t even touch your Mac’s operating system or file system. It is living on firmware but not easily detected by scanner. So that users will never know your Mac’s system is infected. Second most destructive thing which happens is Black Hat security. It is comprised of weaknesses in the firmware of a computer loaded with operating system runs the lowest-level functions such as fans, power supply units, and USB ports etc.

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Keychain-Mac-OSX-VulnerabilityAs a consequence, these Vulnerabilities in Mac hard drive put system at miserable condition. Hard drives are one of the most important pieces of hardware in your computer which is most common source of problems coming in system. As you know hard drive is the place where you store all the data on your computer. The time when it stops working it can be a bit scary. Have you any idea what malware going to do with your hard drive. It causes several issue in the hard drive due to which you can’t access your stored files in the drive. Data includes files, photos, audios, videos etc. Sometimes corruption of files and crashing of hard drive also takes place. Though people store their personal and official data in the system, it becomes very annoying to lose data.

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