Top Most Creepy and Threatening Malware – Easy Removal Tips

Power Locker Ransomware, an upcoming malware threat in 2014It is better to know what to fear than to say “no fear.” You know the things which makes you feel scary is going scare you more. So, its good to know about it and finish it for permanently. Todays, computer world is all over cover with distinguish types of malware. Even some of the malware, you never heard about them. These malware are like zombies. Now a days, hackers play major role in attacking computer system using Internet with more sophisticated techniques. The main intention of the hackers after introducing malware is just to get users personal information. Here is given a detail description of Top most Creepy and Threatening Malware.

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Top Most Creepy and Threatening Malware

zeus-botnetZeus – This threat is as powerful as it names sounds. It causes utter destruction with its ability to steal information and attack banking and financial institutions around the world. It was first detected in 2007, Zeus works in accordance with installations of Ransomware threats and spear-phishing campaigns involved with Dropbox. Hackers conveniently uses it for invading virus in country.

Conficker – This is the most catastrophic worm infection for Windows PCs and comes to be known in 2008. This threat is very aggressive and works to disable antivirus and anti-spyware applications. This is specialized in accordance with other malicious malware by remote access to the system.

CryptoLocker – CryptoLocker is one the recently launched terrible ransomware virus. Criminals creates this threat to perform encryption of files stored in the system. After that, it pop-up message to follow instructions and demands ransom to decrypt files. Apart from this, it produces poor impact on system.

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virus-11376747Qakbot – The Qakbot malware act as a botnet to steal passwords and attach itself to file shares to spread. Qakbot is a malware threat that first emerged in 2011 and connect to command and control servers waiting for instructions to attack on target system by using malicious actions. It uses instructions to steal login information then after used by remote attackers to get details about online accounts.

Sykipot – Sykipot has been classified as backdoor Trojan horse threat which works ups and downs in its ability to bypass two-factor authentication. Such authentication measures are targeted in recent password-related breaches. Sykipot is emerging once again and showing up in new targets, such as civil aviation and smart cards.

Sandworm – Sandworm is a type of document-based malware threat which targets Microsoft Office documents. Similarly as other malware attacks on Adobe documents on an unprecedented level over many years. Sandworm prefers zero-day exploit that affect any version of Windows from Windows Vista. It uses socially-engineered methods to entice users to open an infected document, which will then execute its malicious code.