SWIFT Software Hacked in Bangladesh Bank – Get Useful Tips To Protect System

640_Bangladesh_Bank_2016_03_16_22_58_36Recently, you have heard about the compromises of bank of Bangladesh from which hackers attempted to steal US$951 million. They uses noxious malware to manipulate and read unique messages from SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication)and along with that adjust balances and send details to a remote control server.

Researchers at defense contractors BAE Systems obtained a sample of software responsible for intrusion of SWIFT Malware. The malware developed have been custom built to use the global SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) system and its Alliance Access backend. SWIFT is an international inter-bank messaging system. The malware was created to perform transfers made via the network, bypass some safety routines set up by the bank, and further covers the pathway of the thieves long enough for them to launder the funds.

Source – http://www.bankinfosecurity.com/report-swift-hacked-by-bangladesh-bank-attackers-a-9061

How Hackers used SWIFT Terminal To Implement Vulnerable Activities?

The malicious software was injected into the SWIFT terminal used by Bangladesh’s central bank. Once hackers found poorly configured network switch which is not protected by firewalls. After installation, the malware works with messages between the Bangladeshi bank and an American bank, believed to be the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This helps hackers to shift some funds from the Bangladeshi bank’s reserve account in the US to accounts in the Philippines without being noticed by anyone. They bypassed some physical safeguards in the system along with malware altered printed confirmation of transactions escape fraud from the eyes of security system. SWIFT_malware_25apr2016_v2

According to investigators team, one factor which is mainly responsible for the success of the attack against Bangladesh’s central bank was the lack of proper segmentation between the bank’s SWIFT systems and other networks attached with it. The SWIFT-connected computers were linked to the network through cheap switches with no management capability and lacking a firewall and many more.

Malware occurrence d’infection est très fréquente qui infecte le système pour recueillir des informations personnelles, y compris les détails de compte bancaire. Une fois installé, il provoque des problèmes graves sur le système. Si vous voulez vraiment se débarrasser de lui, puis visiter ci-dessous lien donné.

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So what can you do for protection?


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Tip 1: Install, update and use anti-virus software


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Tip 2: Keep Windows up to date


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Tip 3: Turn on the Windows firewall


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Tip 4: Use the latest version of your web browser


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Tip 5: Don’t fall for phishing emails


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Tip 6: Use the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

For Detailed Description, visit this – http://home.bt.com/tech-gadgets/computing/seven-easy-tips-to-protect-your-pc-from-hackers-and-malware-11363942012065

Tip 7: Still infected? Use a boot CD.

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