How Smartphone Hacked and (Lost Data Recovery Including)

Android-hacked-702x336Smartphone platform becomes digital choice of people all over the world. It is not only used for voice communication, but it facilitates other facilities such as web services, email, SMS, chatting, social networking, photography, payment services, and many more. Presently, 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions in the world today, and it is expected to enhance up to 6.1 billion by 2020. Due to this, smartphone is the target choice of hackers because it provides lots of information about an individual and act as starting point for corporate network. Hacking of smartphone vary by the type of operating system (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc). As you know Android is the most commonly used operating system, hackers begins there act from it. Even it also covers Microsoft’s Windows, Apple iOS, Blackberry etc. Read this article to know how smartphone hacking  takes including lost data recovery effortlessly.

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download (2)Some of the Terrific Tool used to hack Smartphone

There are some tools which are specifically developed for performing hacking of smartphone. It can be done remotely from a different Android device or a computer which will be connected to the victim’s phone via Internet. Its not necessary you get all hacking tools in play store but you may find apk files to download.

Network Spoofer – 
Network Spoofer is a phone hacking tool works to change websites on a other computer from an Android device. The app does not contain any malicious features but home networks are vulnerable to simple attacks. After you download the app, simply login to a WiFi network and choose a spoof to begin.

Android phone user share his experience –

Hey Everyone… Recently my phone was hacked. After that, all my personal data had been lost. Even, some of the data lost from my Android phone is very important for me. I searched online tools to recover lost data. But I didn’t get any idea which one to trust. Then after few days I got an effective tool which effortlessly help in Lost Data Recovery with great ease. 

WiFi Kill – 
WiFi Kill can easily locate all machines connect to your phone and it makes Wi-Fi inaccessible from their devices. It shows you’re the IP addresses of those machines which are connected to your device. It is among 1 of the best android hack apps.

Features of WiFi Kill are

Captures traffic.
Works fluidly on tablets.
Displays websites visited by the captured device.
Displays network names (NETBIOS names) of devices

wh2Hack WiFi Professional 2014 – Hack WiFi Professional 2014 is best WiFi hacking apps for Android devices. This app is quite analogous to WiFi Hacker Professional and WiFi Map which conveniently detects WiFi hotspots around you and lets you access them. This app provide passwords of nearby Wi-Fi hostspot as you click on them. Using Hack WiFi Professional 2014 does not require any specialization in Android devices and anyone can use it with great ease.

WhatsAppSniffer – WhatsAppSniffer is one of the wonderful WhatsApp hacker apps which shows messages from other WhatsApp users who are connected in the same network. This app diverts all data traffic on and transmit in plain text.

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downloadFew Tips To Protect Phone from Getting Hacked –

  1. Update operating system and mobile security software.
  2. Make a front password lock.
  3. Read reviews and ratings of apps before downloading to be sure that they are not intrusive.
  4. Regular update security of apps.
  5. Set advance passwords for banking apps and modify them on regular basis.
  6. Remotely lock or wipe lost or stolen devices. Record the 15-digit IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) number of your mobile phone. (This number is present under the battery and you get it by pressing *#06#. IMEI blocking doesn’t allow a mobile phone from being used with any SIM.)
  7. Never text or email sensitive information when using a public or free wi-fi access point.

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