Smartphone Data Hacked – More Solemn Than You Think!

0be53df07e0843700944301d1a988158With the surge in technology, criminals develop versatile devices to hack into your smartphone. Security experts claimed that due to lack of security protection more than billions of phone have been hacked. In order to perform hacking, they just need to dial phone number. After then, they can listen to your calls, text messages, email etc. In fact, they get access on photos, videos and other personal data stored in smartphone. What worst of all, is that it gets authentication on password of online bank account.

As you know hacking tips and tricks are easily available on Internet, so people can’t protect their smartphone. Since without awareness to the cell phone owner, criminals get access on their phone and gathers personal information. It doesn’t matter which phone do you have whether iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc.

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Some of the abnormal behavior shown by hacked smartphone –

=> You may get intrusive ads, sending of text messages by itself. Its like hackers introduced malware in your device to control malicious task.

=> You may also get odd apps icon on your smartphone. This one related with most recent ramsomware virus which lock down files present in phone. In fact, it display image similar to FBI or CIA in order to make users pay ransom.

=> Sometimes, you get unknown mails and text and when you click on them, it forces you to download an app.

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Once your data is lost, you feel like helpless, don’t know what to do. Here are some of the tricks which you can use to protect your smartphone data from being hacked.

anh 1Always keep phone with a password – You can go four digit passcode which vlock the phone automatically after so many incorrect guesses. Even, you can use six digits passcode which is more difficult to guess. Other than this, you can use combo of letters and other characters to protect your smartphone. If your phone has biometrics like fingerprint scanner, it becomes more difficult for hackers to break lock.

Encryption Method – The most safest and secure way to protect your personal data is through encryption method. This method doesn’t allow any unauthorized person to read or extract your data on other device. In case of Android, you have to turn on settings to make it work.

Set up device finders – With iPhone, you can set your phone in lost mode which locks screen with passcode. This app makes difficult to sell phone by devils. The phone becomes unusable till they get Apple ID. In case of Android phone, you have to download app from Google app store.

backup1-copyBack your smartphone – You should make backup of your personal data. You can do this using Find My iPhone and Android Device Manager helps you in doing this.

Keep your software up to date – Software update is very helpful in fixing issues that might takes place by hackers. On iPhone. Apple provides you update but in Android, you have to go through several manufacturers first. Still, you should do updates when asked.

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Unfortunately, there are some severe cases in which your Smartphone Data Hacked, then you should go for it –