Recover Hard Drive Data After Vicious Stuxnet-Type Malware Invasion

hard-drive-firmware-hackingNow a days, malicious developers are named as “Equation Group” by researchers. This was most dreadful cyber attack group in the world. Security experts reportedly found 500 infections by Equation Group. Russian security experts found uncovered state-created spyware hidden in the hard drive firmware of the largest manufacturers brands in industry including Samsung, Seagate, Maxtor, Toshiba etc. These infected hard drives would have given control to the criminals to utilize sensitive data stored in hard drive including photos, videos, audios, document and many more essential data.

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imagesTechniques used by Equation Group –

The firm demonstrate two modules belonging to Equation group, dubbed EquationDrug and GrayFish. Both these techniques are used by hackers to give access on target hard drives to the malicious hackers.

GrayFish – It install itself into computer’s boot record – a coding section which is loaded before operating system itself. It store all its relevant data inside a portion of operating system known as registry where data of configuration is stored normally.

EquationDrug – It is develop to be used on older version of Windows operating system. Its some of plugin were designed to be used for Win 95/98/ME’.

Hard drive user share his experience –

When I copy files – photos, music, apps – to the drive I find that some files have become corrupted. There is no error message, nor are errors found with various disk-checking utilities. I only realise when I open a photo, music or an app. I had tried Chkdsk, formats, partitions in their fullest forms. Nothing wrong. But still I can’t retrieve my essential data. Then after few days, I searched an effective tool which Recover Hard Drive Data without any hassle. 

This campaign infected tens of thousands of personal computers with spying programs in more than 30 countries such as Iran, followed by Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Mali, Syria, Yemen and Algeria. It also included government and military institutions, telecommunication providers, banks and financial institutions, energy companies, nuclear researchers, mass media organization, and Islamic activists among others.

How To Protect Hard Drive From Stuxnet-Type Malware

images (1)After the mass arrests of 25 anons in Europe and South America, and the rumors of an FBI sweep on the east coast of America floating around. Over the past few days, the most common question arises about removing protecting data before hacking of hard drives.

  • Schedule “fire drills” to restore information from backup on regular basis. It seems to be easy, but it is a long procedure because a lot can go wrong along the chain of events needed to perform a complete backup and restore.
  • Always keep computers in safe, dry and dust-free areas. It is best to prevent from any type of physical damage.
  • Take back up of essential data regularly and after then verify the backups by actually getting the data off the tape and back into the computers.
  • Large power surges can destroy computer equipment as well as low-level bursts of energy can erase the data on hard drives. So, have a generator or battery back-up system.
  • Keep hard drive away from static electricity that can erase data or damage components.
  • Use virus-detection protection programs and keep them updated. Use virus-detection protection programs and keep them updated.
  • There are also software programs that can detect impending problems within hard drives. Using them regularly can head off problems.

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