Ransomware Virus Puts Stop On Water and Electric Services

Manager is pushing RANSOMWARE on a touch screen. Three opened lock icons light up in a hexagonal code structure signifying an infected computer system or application. Security technology concept.

Now a days, Ransomware is an occlusion that targets businesses, hospitals, and many other personal computers all over the world with the aim of earning Millions of Dollars illegally. Ransomware attacks on victim’s computer to encrypts files stored in system, and after that demands a ransom of around $500 in Bitcoin for purchasing key that will perform decryption of the files.

Its next target is to work with everything connected to World Wide Web. Cyber criminals have enormous opportunity to perform its vicious action from pacemaker to cars to Internet. At the latest, American public utility Lansing Board of Water & Light (BWL) has declared that the company has been attacked by Ransomware virus that knocked the utility’s internal computer systems offline. It took place in company when one of the employee unknowingly open an unsafe mail attachment. Then, it gets stealthily installed into the system and starts encrypting essential organization’s files and documents.

Source – http://thehackernews.com/2016/04/power-ransomware-attack.html

fbi-ransomware-malwareSo, in accordance to protect further disaster company decided to put stop on network and suspend of the important utilities including accounting and email services for nearly 250 employees. Even, Power and water is also suspended. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and local law enforcement authorities are investigating about what actually ransomware doing. Company ensures its 96,000 customers that their personal information related to its customers or employees has been not compromised by the ransomware infection into the corporate computer network. Unfortunately, it is still unknown that whether the utility paid the Ransom in exchange of its data.

Source – http://securityaffairs.co/wordpress/46824/malware/bwl-electric-ransomware.html

One of the employee working in a reputed firm, Germany had faced troubles after being infected with ransomware virus, he said –

Eines Tages, als ich mein Büro und offene gmail id besucht zu wissen, was es Neues gibt. Ich habe eine Mail-Anhang, als ich öffnete, war es leer. Aufgrund geschäftigen und hektischen Zeitplan sah ich nicht über sie ernst, aber nach zwei bis drei Tagen beginnt mein System weirdly arbeiten. Selbst, bekommen meine meisten wichtigen Dateien verschlüsselt, und ich war nicht in der Lage, es zu öffnen. Ich habe Pop-up-Nachricht, die ich hatte Lösegeld zu zahlen meine Dateien zurück zu bekommen. Auch hatte meine persönlichen Daten wurden gehackt und Geld wurde von Konto gestohlen. Ich war sehr erschrocken, dass, was weitere destruktive Aktivitäten diese Ransomware ausführen wird, was zu tun ist? wie es zu entfernen, dann besuchte ich unter Erwähnung Link.

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cryptowall-ransomwareHow ransomware virus is dangerous?

According to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, there were more than 7,000 cases of ransomware fraud reported in the UK. This figure is all about victims who contacted the authorities. There are still millions of Britons have been attacked by sticky ransomware and lose their necessary data. Now the latest version deployed by cyber criminals is CryptoLocker, who performs encryption of user’s files. Then it charged for a key-code to decrypt affected files including photos, documents and music. In short, it’s old-fashioned extortion with a modern, digital twist.

ransomware-encrypts-files-and-ask-for-moneyIs paying ransom relevant?

Yet, Officials say never pay a computer ransom. Though there is no guarantee it will decrypt files or not. Even, it encourages more attacks and that the money could be used to fund other criminal activities.

Source – https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2016/05/04/electric-utility-hit-by-ransomware-shuts-down-it-systems-for-a-week/

Even if you become victim of it, you can take effective steps to remove ransomware virus. You should boot up in Safe mode, you can restore your PC to an earlier time point then run an updated virus scan to clean your system out.