MedStar Hospitals Attacked by Destructive Ransomware Virus

Recent update is that a chain of hospitals serving hundreds of thousands of patients in Washington, D.C. area is struggling to get back to normal. Ransomware is one of the most catastrophic malware which encrypts data on infected machines. Once getting control starts demanding money in hard to trace digital currency to get an electronic key so they can retrieve data effortlessly. But in actual terms it just a scam to earn profit.


Cyberattack on MedStar hospital force to shut down computers Monday at ten hospitals in the Washington, D.C.area. In fact, many patients gets voice message”Our computer system is still down so we need to bring a list of current medication and a list of allergies.” On Thursday, company reported that system is coming back with medical records again online. MedStar Hospitals Attacked by Destructive Ransomware Virus may cause patients to suffer alot as their appointments had been cancelled or rescheduled as doctors are not able to access medical records in the first few days of computer attack.


FBI said it was investigating the paralyzing attack on MedStar Health Inc., that forced records system offline and prevented patients from booking appointment. Dr. Richard Alcorta, the medical director for Maryland’s emergency medical services network, said he suspects it was a ransomware attack based on multiple ransomware attempts on individual hospitals in the state.

Alcorta said he was unaware of any ransoms paid by Maryland hospitals or health care systems. “People view this, I think, as a form of terrorism and are attempting to extort money by attempting to infect them with this type of virus,” he said.

freefromransomware_primary-100224662-largeAlcorta said his agency first learned of MedStar’s problems about 10:30 a.m., when the company’s Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore called in a request to divert emergency medical services traffic from that facility. He said that was followed by a similar request from Union Memorial, another MedStar hospital in Baltimore. The diversions were lifted as the hospitals’ backup systems started operating, he said.

One Twitter user posted a picture Monday he said showed blacked-out computer screens inside the emergency room of Washington Hospital Center, a trauma center in Northwest Washington.

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Know how MedStar Hospitals Attacked by Destructive Ransomware Virus gets access on computers

Every malicious infection spread along with other toxic virus but in case of ransomware comes packed with installation files and pretend as software update. Most commonly, shows update with Flash player, Adobe Acrobat and Java. If you visit torrent site ten you will surely gets ads related to malware. Even, you will get constant pop-up to update already installed software.


Suspicious Activities performed by MedStar Hospitals Attacked by Destructive Ransomware Virus

  • It makes connection with remote server to further damage system with other viruses.
  • It encrypts all files and folders saved in your computers system.
  • It introduce lots of junks on hard drive to slow down system processing.
  • It hijacks web browsers installed in the system and takes control over homepage
  • It redirects users to malicious sites designed with the motive to cheat users.
  • It spy your activities and collects personal information.

How to ensure that tricky ransomware will not come on system again?Protecting-Yourself-From-Spyware-Malware-And-Ransomware

Here is given five most effective technique for keeping system safe and secure.

  • You should keep regular backup of your essential files. In case it is possible to save data offline, then store it. Like in safe deposit box, which doesn’t get affected.
  • You should use anti virus and make regular updates. As it will not only protect system from getting infected with virus but also remove earlier malware present in the system.
  • Even, operating system and software must be updated on regular basis. Since if any holes in security is left, then it provides pathway to the virus sneaking into system easily.
  • You should check control access setting on network. In accordance with not to allow any unauthorized person to access your files. As a result, it will stops malware from viewing and stealing files.

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