Matthew Keys Confined To 2 years Prison in LA Times Hacking Case

Mathew Keys, California journalist is penalized to 2 years in prison on Wednesday as convicted of conspiring with hacking group Anonymous. Keys helped in breaking security on Los Angeles Times’ website and modifying its story.

Keys, is an well known American journalist and blogger formerly. He worked as deputy social media editor for Reuters. Keys is popular for suing social media platform to develop advance new stories. He employed at the television station till he was terminated two months before the December 2010 hacking issue. Even Prosecutors said that Keys mentioned information in an Internet Chat room, making urged hackers to attack on his former employer. He was involved in 2013 conspiracy to cause harm a secured system and two other counts after being accused of passing details to hack Tribune computer systems in December 2010. But still after all these, he feels no guilty by California Jury last October.

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Matthew Keys Confined To 2 years Prison issue revolves around the Los Angeles Times known as LA Times which is paid daily newspaper published in Los Angeles California. This one is the popular and largest newspaper circulation in US. Later, it was purchased by Tribune company parent company of Chicago Tribune and local television station KLTA. Matthew used to work their but fired just because his phone was switched off.

Lets have a brief look over Anonymous Aided by Matthew keys

images (1)Anonymous group is called as “hacktivist” which changed the Times headline “Pressure Builds in House to Pass Tax-Cut Package” to “Pressure Builds in House to Elect CHIPPY 1337”, in reference to the another hacking group. 29 years old, Keys was a web producer which wants to strike back at his former employer.

In accordance with court reports, he altered the access credential of Fox 40 employees to disturb company server and get access on email addresses for Fox 40 viewers to send fake mails. Though he was indicted in March 2013, it shocked the social media circles where he was one of the sensation of new media. Matthew was named one of the best Time’s 140 best Twitter feeds.

Key’s attorney, Jay Leiderman said about Matthew Keys Confined To 2 years Prison, “he didn’t the act for which he accused of doing”, just before hearing. After that, attorney ask that Matthew will be allowed to remain free on bail as he is going to appeal 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

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After one hour of long discussion on Matthew Keys Confined To 2 years Prison, judge settled on two year term. Since Prosecutors said at the first time offender, he should be prisoned for atleast 10 years. But key’s attorney takes the discussion around whether Times suffered any destructive damages. He also said hacking is awful act. He also mention how much time would be taken in restoring the story’s original headline. Even less than one hour and cost less than $5,000. In opposition, Prosecutors said employees spent 333 hours in order to respond to the attack which costs $18,000. As a consequence, Keys force to invest company several dollars to secure their server.

Matthews posted a quick note

Apart from all these, Anonymous prefer several series of technical and social exploits to hack secured networks. Have you any idea what to do, when you will get hacked by Anonymous. Surely not… Worried! Just Relax, here I have mention some of common methods using which you can avoid attack by Anonymous.

Seven ways to avoid hacking –

  • how-to-avoid-hackingYou should always prefer tried and tested content management system which is wrapped with updates, patches and support. Use custom CMS for website that has susceptible to SQL injection attacks.
  • Always clear passwords stored in databases. As they hash password but didn’t add extra characters that have to be removed to reveal actual password. Passwords are still very crucial to protect by brute-force attack but it takes longer time to succeed.
  • You should go for longer and full range of characters password as it is more difficult to break.
  • Use different password for different log in because one of the cracking of password gives access on all company’s email.
  • You should aware about social engineering scam which anonymous use to get personal details of users.