Lost Essential Files After Hacking – Get Idea What To Do

Hard drive have been mostly hacked when any intrusive malware sneaks inside system stealthily. Even, you came to know about when it starts making disaster over the system. As everyone stores all of their important files including photos, videos, audios etc in the hard drive, it causes Vanished Essential Files After Hacking. Ransomware is the most popular malware which works well for hacking hard drive.

imagesKnow more about Ransomware –

First ransomware program had been detected in the end of 1980s. Ransomware is very dangerous malware which performs encryption of files. Encryption is very strong that you can’t easily crack it. Then it gives certain fixed time duration to pay for files. It might also happens that it will just locked screen of system. Some claimed that it was FBI, Metropolitan Police who is actually taking action against illegal tasks. This virus is very common because presence of anonymous Tor network and anonymous payment systems such as bitcoin.

Source – https://www.theguardian.com/technology/askjack/2015/jul/09/help-ive-been-hacked-have-i-lost-all-my-files

Some of the general steps which you can take to get back you lost data after hacked –

Isolate Your System – You have to isolate your system in order to not allow hackers to pull strings on your computer. So that, it can’t contact to the network to obtain files and other information. Keep network cable and Wi-Fi connection off and don’t depend on software for this.

hard-drive-installation-sata-power-100367371-origShutdown and remove hard drive and connect it to another computer as non bootable drive – If your system is damaged, then keep it shutdown to prevent from further corruption of files. After that, you will need to remove hard drive and connect it to the another computer with updated anti- virus and anti-spyware.

Reload the operating system and install updates- Prefer original OS disks that comes along with your computer, prohibited to use any one which is copied from somewhere. Take trusted media helps to ensure that a virus present on tainted operating system disks doesn’t reinfect your PC. Surely download all updates and patches for your operating system before installing anything else.

Reinstall anti-virus, anti-spyware, and other security software prior- Apart from loading any other software, you should load and patch all your security related applications. You have to make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date prior to loading other applications. In any case, those apps which allows malware might go undetected if your virus signatures aren’t current.

downloadRecovering Files – Luckily, if you have back of your files, you can retrieve them. However, ransomware not performs encryption of files on system, it also encrypt files on external drive. If you are backing up your files on USB drive then it will also get encrypted. For this, your backup drives should be disconnected when not in use. This threat creates encrypted version of file other than deleting original.

Source – http://netsecurity.about.com/od/disasterrecovery/a/I-Ve-Been-Hacked-Now-What.htm

If your are one of them whose hard drive is hacked and now you can’t access files on your system after making lots of efforts. Well, then no need to worry at all, you can perform recovery of lost files by adopting an effective tool known as LaCie drive recovery.