Hackers Just Need A Phone Number To Spy Your Call and Activities

Hackers said that no matter how many security and protection an individual adopts, all in one Hackers Just Need A Phone Number To Spy Your Call and Activities. German security experts says tracking smartphone is much easier than you think and they spied a US congressman’s phone call to prove his words. It also says that hackers can easily found out where they go for work, what they say on phone and also read their texts.

Karsten Nohl is a computer engineer told “60 minutes” in America over a phone number that all a hackers require to know all information about the person. Security Research Labs and a team of hackers along with Nohl and Sharyn Alfonsi in an interview with 60 minutes reveals how digital pickpockets uses smartphone with help of global mobile network called Signalling System Seven(SS7).download

Source – http://www.cnet.com/news/60-minutes-demo-hackers-track-calls-and-movements-using-just-your-phone-number/

Once get control over the smartphone to Spy Your Call and Activities, hackers were able to perform any type of activities like recording calls, view contacts, read texts and also tack its location. Even they logged in congressman Lieu which have other members of Congress and elected officials. They also offer hacker target.

Nohl said – there is no influence over what are showing by them, smartphone, choosing phone, pin number, installing or not installing any app. Basically Spy Your Call and Activities happens because hackers target mobile network. About this, Lieu said at first it makes me any angry because there are lots of confidential conversation we done on phone and if hacker is listening than it will be very dangerous.

Source – https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/apr/18/phone-number-hacker-read-texts-listen-calls-track-you

60-minutes-phone-hackingNow lets talk about about the technique used to perform Spy Your Call and Activities. SS7 is not recent technique reported back in 2015. SS7 is the error in architecture which is the signaling system preferred by more than 800 telecommunication companies all over the world. Just because of this, hackers can steal confidential and personal information from track smartphone and trace movement of phone user.

Brief Description about Signaling System(SS7) –

Signaling System 7 is an international telecommunications standard that works for managing network elements in public switched telephone network(PSTN) exchange information over a digital signaling network. It is comprised of three kinds of network points – Service Switching Points(SSPs), Signal Transfer Points(STPs) and Service Control Points.(SCPs). SSPs pick or drop call and communicate with SS7 network with SCPs to know how to provide pathway to the call or set and manages special feature. It travels on 56 or 64 Kbps channel apart from going on same channels as telephone call.

How SS7 flaw works for Spy Your Call and Activities?

imagesHackers user very tricky way to track calls on phones. First of all, it forwards call to online recording device and then re-routes call back to its recipient or you can call man-in-the-middle attack. Along with this, it uses hacking tools to track mobile phone user. The location of the user is tracked by using Google Maps. Nohl told that SS7 flaw is one of the known secret among world’s intelligence agencies. He also mention that mobile network done lots of tasks.

“Mobile networks are the only place where the problem can be resolved” said Nohl. “There is no global policing of SS7. Its the duty of each mobile network to protect their customers on their networks. According to Nohl, all phones are the same and no one phone is more secure than the other.

Source – http://thehackernews.com/2016/04/spy-phone-call-location.html

Sign and Synonyms of Hacked Smartphone –

Not only this, even hacking of smartphone is rising with fast speed by just using cheap and free software applications with all desired information available online. As you know smartphone has operating system similar to the computer therefore hacking a smartphone give full access to the hacker over device from calls to all apps installed in it. Unknown activity in phone is most common sign of intrusion of something suspicious.

Some of the common symptoms are –

Service Disruption – If you are getting any noises during phone calls, it is not an issue as it just a sign that someone is attempting to access your phone. If your service provider is not able to answer the happening all of sudden then surely a hacking attempt can be considered.

Strange Text – iPhone user said that they got SMS text messages. If you got single square or other strange characters are attempts by hackers to intrude virus into the system. In case, you are in the address book in which hackers are present, it can easily passed into your system.

Unauthorized Use – Once hackers get access over the smartphone, they can get control over calls, text and everything relevant to the smartphone without taking user’s consent.

Source – http://www.cbsnews.com/news/android-stagefright-flaw-protect-android-phone/