Hackers Embed Deadly Viruses To Gather Susceptible Information

In today’s era, people uses computer to perform enormous tasks. They opt for online process to get any kind of information, play games, shopping, banking and being in contact with friends and relatives. Hence, your computer system contain a wealth of critical as well as personal data which helps Hackers Embed Deadly Viruses into the system conveniently.

Source  – https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2013/02/13/malware-javascript/

In fact, these days millions of spammers, hackers and scammers are working hard to grab credit card detail, social security number and social media accounts. The most horrible part of this issue is that Hackers Embed Deadly Viruses To Gather Susceptible Information. Even, you can’t identify a hacker easily. In order to intrude viruses into the system, hackers uses given below popular strategies –

How Hackers Embed Deadly Viruses Inside Computers?

presentation-virus-salami-attack-and-trojan-horse-1-728Trojan Virus – It is one of the noxious virus which puts computer at worst situation. Once get loaded over the system, it records everything and send to the hackers. It invade into the system using email scams. For example- It appears as legal one coming from shipping service, bank or other reputable company. It also exhibits scam on Facebook and Twitter, when you click on it finding useful, suddenly redirected to unknown site. It also recommend fake updates of already software.

Source – http://thehackernews.com/2014/07/how-russian-hackers-placed-digital-bomb.html

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Phishing Scam – Sometimes, it happens you got unethical mails from unknown site. In case, if they say to send personal information and pay a fee. Surely, it will directly reached to hackers. For example – Nigerian Scam known 419 scams.

ob_402578_supprimer-drive-by-download-framer-dDrive by downloads – Computer system has weakness to allow hackers to bypass security software. Hackers sends embedded link in a phishing email or on social media. Using this, it inserts malicious codes into the system and then onwards scans system for security holes.

download (2)Bypassing password – As you have seen in Hollywood movies, hackers are master in guessing password. In the actual world, they are very few hackers. Hackers tackle user’s account security question to get password of system. After this, virus infiltrates into the system.

WiFi-ZoneUsing Open Wi-Fi – These days you may get free data at several public places but this one is the major of intrusion of virus into the system. The attacker will perform a Man in the Middle attack, typically by employing ARP Cache Poisoning. At that instant, hackers can read all plaintext passwords, including unsecured email (Email that does not use TLS), unencrypted ftp, websites without SSL, etc.

Source – http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/columnist/komando/2013/07/19/hacker-attack-trojan-horse-drive-by-downloads-passwords/2518053/

Above mention strategies are most genuine ways through which Hackers Embed Deadly Viruses into the system. Once hackers hamper system, you can’t imagine up to what extent it is going to harm your system.

Some of the most common harmful effects occur when Hackers Embed Deadly Viruses

  • Slow down your computer.
  • Corrupt your system files.
  • Damage boot sector of your system and creating problems in booting Windows.
  • Steal important information from your computer and send to some other person.
  • Modify the power ratings of your computer and could blast the system.

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