Color app hack Photos – Tips To Secure Photos

color-photo-sharing-app-650x476The issue with newly launched iOS and Android photo-sharing app Color can spy anyone online photos of the user who prefer this app without their consent. It is comprised of exploitable feature that makes it convenient for tech-savvy users.

This app doesn’t have any security or privacy for the photos of its users and in fact, its just opposite is surely true. If any user takes a photo with Color, its photo is automatically uploaded to the server. Even, anyone within a set perimeter of where that photo was taken can see that picture, along with the pictures of any other Color user who happens to be snapping off shots in that particular location.

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Presently, the set parameter is 150 feet. Fortunately, due to constant complaints, developers says that, they are are searching for the technical issue which causes issue in the app.

downloadIt has been first found in Twitter post by security researcher an Veracode chief technology officer Chris Wysopal, can be carried out with “trivial geolocation spoofing.” Basically, what happens when you trick to locate yourself in some other place, it will shows photographs of people in that location.

Wysopal reportedly tried out his location spoof this past weekend using a jailbroken iPad and the (unauthorized) app FakeLocation. It needs only 5 minutes to download the FakeLocation app and try a few locations where I figured there would be early adopters who like trying out the latest apps,” Wysopal told Forbes in a email.

So, users are advised to be aware before downloading any new application. Rather than fun, it will not become disaster for you. Sometimes, it may leads to the loss of your loved one photos forever and after making lost of efforts, you can’t get them back.

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Some Useful Protection Tips –images

  • It’s a bad idea to download apps that aren’t in official stores run by Google, Apple or Microsoft. Those companies are pretty good at sniffing out malware and regularly remove suspicious apps.
  • Whenever you do download an app, you should read the app permissions to make sure it’s not asking for personal details.
  • For iPhone and Google Nexus owners, it is very necessary to regularly update OS to protect malware.
  • One of the main and important thing is that protect your phone with password and make sure it is quite complex and not easily guess by anyone.
  • It’s probably more important to keep a good Gmail password.

“The problem is not so much hacking into the phone itself,” said Ritter. “It’s more about hacking into a connected email or Apple account.”

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